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Our Foundation, Beliefs and Mission

Hi. My name is Corina.
After working in the field as a therapist for several years, the idea for PlayTime! A Therapy Center was developed after I witnessed how play served as a counseling tool to successfully communicate with children in a way that was comfortable for them. The latest research has revealed that play has a direct affect on the brain development of our little ones. Play therapy research has shown that play is a child's language and toys are the words that make up that language. For some children (and adults), it can be extremely difficult to find words to express how they are feeling or what they are experiencing. The act of using play as a form of therapy (as well as art therapy, drama therapy, dance/movement therapy) assists children with sharing and beginning to work through their experiences in a manner that is familiar to them, a manner in which they have already been successful- play. When I included research-based play therapy interventions with the children and families I served, I noticed they began to laugh, communicate, and work towards making healthier changes. The progress the children and families made on their counseling journeys inspired me to develop a safe place to do the "playful" therapy work that can lead to making healthier changes.
Here at PlayTime! A Therapy Center, our goal is to do our part with helping every child and family feel better. We apply proven research to our therapy work with children and the families of the children who visit us in an effort to help uncover and begin to move past underlying roadblocks that have created problems and conflict within different environments to which the child/family are connected. Our trained therapists use an integrative approach that includes Adlerian Play Therapy, Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy and Solution Focused. In addition, our therapists incorporate many techniques from the disciplines of sand-tray-play, Theraplay, Filial Therapy and Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT). 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to the "play" and "art" that can serve as the catalyst for the changes to come in your child and your family throughout the therapy process... Welcome to PlayTime! A Therapy Center!
Corina Giles,   Founder
What is "Play Therapy"?

To find out more about play therapy, please read this article from the Association for Play Therapy. 
Does "Play Therapy" really work?
Become a believer in play therapy!
Watch this video from the Association for Play Therapy to find out more about how play can help us all feel better.

Meet Our Staff

Corina Giles Ed.S., MA, LPC, RPT
Director & Therapist

Corina is the founder of PlayTime! A Therapy Center. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Georgia State University and her Master of Arts in Community Counseling from Argosy University. After becoming more interested in play therapy post graduate school, Corina enrolled in and received her Ed.S. in play therapy from The University of Mississippi. Corina holds the distinction and honor of earning the title of a Registered Play Therapist through the Association for Play Therapy.
Corina has experience counseling children of all ages, parents, families, students, groups and couples. Today, she chooses to focus her treatment on children, adolescents and their family members. Throughout her counseling career, she has treated clients who have experienced a variety of issues, such as problems with behavior, anger, ADHD, chronic mental health disorders, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, sexual trauma, and family issues. She has worked in several settings including schools, non-profit agencies, inpatient and partial hospitalization, and community counseling agencies. In addition, Corina has completed assessments (CCFAs, Hybrid Assessments and Home Evaluations) for government agencies in several metro-Atlanta counties.

Due to her expertise in treating children through the use of play therapy, Corina is often sought to participate in media and community projects focused on mental health. Recently, Corina has been featured in a televised CBS 46 interview, referenced and quoted in an article written by Karyn Greer entitled, "The Case for Trauma and Juvenile Crime", interviewed by a notable author for an upcoming book, and the featured speaker at a number of presentations.  

"Sometimes the 'easiest' parts of life can become the most difficult. When we find ourselves at a place where we forget to live and not just exist...forget to breathe and not just gasp...forget to look forward to and not just regret... we begin to forget how 'easy' life can be. My job is to help all who are willing, fight to reclaim their 'easy' life. I want to help you find your 'happy'."

Yasmeen Robins MAST, BA
Behavior Therapist

Yasmeen earned her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice prior to enrolling in her current graduate of social work program. Aside from her drive and inspirational background, Yasmeen also brings to the table a strong will power, natural counseling abilities, as well as an extensive background in communications. Yasmeen strives daily to change the world- one youth at a time. In particular, she enjoys working with young girls to inspire them to increase their self-esteem. In the future, Yasmeen plans to open her own private counseling practice.

“Never give up.”

Sabrina Lott
Group Facilitator

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